Dark Pigment Laser Treatment

Understanding Pigmented Skin Lesions

Pigmented skin lesions are dark spots found in the skin because an abundance of melanocytes (which produces the melanin or dark pigment in skin) are present. These dark pigmented areas can be found in the form of freckles, brown age spots, and moles, and dermatosis papulosa nigra- tiny, elevated dark bumps on the face (usually on the cheeks and near the eyes).

These various pigment lesions can make us look older and in some cases disfigure our appearance. Through the use of lasers these pigmented skin lesions can be quickly and easily removed or greatly improved leaving clear healthy looking skin.

How can lasers remove pigmented skin lesion?

The specialized beam of light produced by the laser directs energy to a specific site. Through the use of a small hand device connected to the laser, the light emitted is absorbed by the black or brown pigment found in the skin. This light heats and destroys the unwanted cells without causing damage to the surrounding healthy cells.

Laser treatment of pigmented skin lesions has been proven to be an effective and safe treatment option. With a trained professional conducting your treatment you will enjoy great results without sacrificing safety or comfort.

What are the benefits of pigmented skin lesion reduction through lasers?

The first and most important benefit is the excellent and consistent results that laser treatment is able to produce. Most patients experience minimal to no discoloration, swelling, or complications. This is a fast, simple and gentle treatment option that is virtually pain free, requiring very little before and after care. And finally you are in a comfortable setting right in the office.

You can reduce the number of pigmented skin lesions through laser treatment with a short visit to the doctor. After a brief consultation you and your doctor can decide if laser treatment is right for you.

How is a treatment session conducted?

Depending upon what condition and the area being treated your treatment may vary. As your treatment session begins you will be asked to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from the intense light being emitted from the laser. Your body position will vary depending on the location of the treatment area. Your doctor will then direct the laser light to the target area using a “pencil thin” hand piece.

The length of your treatment session will vary depending upon what is being treated. While receiving laser treatment most patients describe a slight stinging sensation that quickly fades.

What should I expect following a treatment session?

After receiving treatment you may notice redness in the treatment area for approximately two to four hours. For some patients slight swelling may take place, which generally lasts one to two days.

In most cases there is minimal if any post-procedure care to worry about. Your doctor will instruct you on any after-care needs your skin may have. After treatment patients are able to resume normal daily activities immediately. Most patients will notice results from treatment within two to three weeks.

Are there any risks involved with laser treatment?

There are virtually no side effects associated with laser treatment of pigmented skin lesions. Your skin may become red and irritated following treatment, which should clear within a few hours of treatment. In very rare cases, pigmentation changes or blistering has been reported, however these conditions are generally temporary.

It is important to treat your skin gently following a treatment session and your doctor may recommend the use of sunscreen to protect from the damaging effects of the sun. For more information on this or any other questions or concerns be sure and discuss this with your doctor prior to receiving laser treatment of pigment skin lesions.

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