Who is the best candidate for laser hair removal?

The best candidate for laser hair removal is a fair-skinned person with dark hair, for the Gentle LASE Plus laser.

Darkly-tanned or dark-skinned persons may be treated with the Gentle YAG laser. If you have been exposed to the sun recently, a bleaching cream may be recommended or you may wait for a tan to fade before treatment. Also, patients who are pregnant or patients who have taken Accutane within the last six months should postpone treatment until later.

Because the Gentle LASE laser targets the melanin in the hair, the ability to induce long-lasting hair reduction is strongly related to the color of the hair. Hair that is grey, blonde, red, or light "peach fuzz" will not draw enough heat to be effectively treated or to experience permanent hair reduction.

Jolynn prefers to evaluate your skin color and then will make recommendations and commence with test sites. She may decline or postpone treatment related to hair color medication use, health history, sun damage, or recent sun exposure.

People with brown or black hair are ideal candidates, and should have very successful results. With a full course of laser treatment, experts estimate 80% to 90% hair loss.