Laser hair removal is considered to be a safe procedure. Lasers used for hair removal pass laser light mostly through the skin to targeted hair follicles. It leaves no residue, unlike x-rays, for example. There is no known skin cancer implication with laser hair removal. Every laser in the state of Florida is registered. The GentleLASE and the Gentle YAG lasers have been cleared by the FDA for permanent hair reduction.

Silhouette wants you to be as informed as possible about the laser hair removal procedure. An initial consultation will include the following:

  • a thorough, extensive health history
  • a review of current medications
  • a hair and skin evaluation, and
  • laser test sites performed, if possible.

Silhouette wants to discuss your expectations and answer your questions. With your safety and personal goals in mind, you should choose a laser hair removal facility with the training and experience you deserve.