Solar Protection Formulas - Mineral Based, Free of Chemical Sunscreen Filters

What's so great about Fallene Solar Protection Formulas?

In the late eighties, Dr. Harry Fallick, a plastic surgeon and dermatological chemist, co-founded Fallene, Ltd., a cosmeceutical company headquartered in Norristown, PA. From the outset, his goal was to develop a potent, full-light spectrum, topical protective system for sun sensitive people and others concerned about the damaging effects of the sun.

The total protection system you've been seeking.

Solar Protection Formula®, we put the care into sun care by providing unique solutions for our customers individual sun care needs.

Solar Protection Formula® products offer distinct advantages to medically photo-sensitive individuals and savvy sun care consumers interested in the best possible sun protection to help maintain skin health and the skin's healthy appearance. Fallene, Ltd. creates varied and unique formulations for sun protection with a focus on our customer’s needs. With over twenty years of product development, the company evolved from a first mover in high SPF products combining titanium, zinc and iron for the sun sensitive to a leader that provides a wide array of esthetically elegant formulations.

Whether you suffer from unique condition that requires the best full spectrum sun protection available, you recently invested in an esthetic procedure and you want to protect that investment with the highest quality product available, or you simply want to take a proactive approach to sun protection, Fallene, Ltd.’s Solar Protection Formula® line of products offer a full array of sun care solutions. Because of Fallene Ltd.’s use of a proprietary blend of active and inactive ingredients, all Solar Protection Formula® products offer superior photo stability and unparalleled full spectrum protection.

Solar Protection Formula® products will not break down when exposed to the sun as is the case with many less photo stable chemical sunscreen filters. Because of the proprietary blend of titanium, zinc and iron, Solar Protection Formula® products off more complete full spectrum protection from the suns UVA and UVB rays.

Fallene Solar Protection Formula

The Worlds Best Solar Protection Protection Skin-Care Products

Fallene has worked extra hard to develop nothing short of the worlds FINEST line of skincare products for the protection from the fullest spectrum of solar radiation. Our different formulas are each carefully engineered to balance specific needs and conditions and offer you unparalleled defense against the relentless effects of the sun.

If you are going to be in the sun, you NEED the best Solar Protection Formula you can get. You need Fallene Solar Protection Formulas.

  • Mineral Based
  • Free of chemical sunscreen filters
  • Engineered to better balance specific needs

SPF 58 Water Resistant
Utilizes micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as its only active sunscreen ingredients. It is free of dyes, fragrance and “chemical sunscreen” filters to minimize skin sensitivity. Excellent for children and those with sensitive skin, while offering significant water and sweat resistant properties. Elegant, highly protective and effective for daily use, it leaves the skin soft, smooth and UVA/UVB protected.

This product is oil, PABA, and fragrance free.

It's not TiZo3, it's TiZo2!

Titanium, Iron, & Zinc Oxides uniquely formulated to offer sheer, elegant protection with a silky, smooth, matte finish.

TIZO3 offers unparalleled aesthetic elegance while providing superb photoprotective performance.

TIZO3 is specially formulated without “chemical sunscreen” filters to offer UVA/UVB light protection.

TIZO3 is paraben, oil, PABA and fragrance free.

Tinted Formula SPF 60
An individually customizable protective liquid makeup/cover-up and daily foundation Especially useful for daily pigmentation changes and to camouflage skin flaws. It is available in three distinct shades of color, Beige, Honey, and Blush. Each shade may be individually customized to match your own skin tone using the light and/or dark color control adjustors included in each box.

This product is oil, PABA, and fragrance free.

Formula SPF 65
Full spectrum sun protection in a formulation that dries clear on most skin tones. Excellent for daily use on the face and body. Ideal for men and children, or women who prefer to wear it under their own make-up.

This product is Non-Comedogenic, PABA and fragrance free.

Specifically developed for one of the most sensitive and commonly sun damaged facial regions...lips. Solar Protection LipTect Formula combines multiple particle sizes of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide and is “chemical sunscreen free”. LipTect offers excellent, full spectrum protection. Ideal for those sensitive patients in an elegant and soothing formula that fades to a natural tone.