The Laser Treatment:

Your initial visit to Silhouette is a consultation appointment. After evaluation of your hair and skin color, test sites are usually performed. If the test sites are satisfactory after one to two days, we can proceed with the laser hair removal treatment. Please stop plucking, waxing, and tanning prior to this.

Directly before your treatment, you will want to remove any makeup or deodorant from the area. You may reapply your makeup following the treatment if you wish. Protective eyewear will be provided and worn during the entire procedure.

Laser treatments are not painless. The degree of discomfort varies with each person and with their treatment location. Some say the laser feels like the snap of a rubber band or a sting. Fortunately, it is very brief. You may feel warm, sore, or sensitive (like a sunburn) afterward. Most people experience a little discomfort, but find the procedure to be very tolerable.

Immediately after treatment, there could be a slight redness and swelling at the site. This may last a few hours to several days. Cool wipes, ice, chilled aloe vera gel, or a mild topical steroid cream may help. You could be more sun-sensitive, so avoid sun exposure and use a sun screen throughout the course of treatment. Do not use any other hair removal methods, such as tweezing or waxing, as this will disturb the hair follicle. You may continue to shave.

The length of the treatment depends on the area to be covered. For example, a lip and chin go very quickly, in just a minute or two, while larger areas, like legs or a back, may take one to two hours. Laser hair removal is faster than you probably imagine, and it will eventually save you time and money.